Metalic Minerals

Major metallic deposits of Ethiopia include precious metals (Au, Pt), rare metals (Ta and Ni) , and  Fe. some deposits are currently mined for Au and Ta (e.g. Legadembi, Kenticha) or at an advanced stage of development (e,g. Bikilal project, Fe). To date,base metals (Zn, Pb, Cu) and & rare metals (Cr, Mo, Mn) are only know as occurrences or non-economic  deposits. Metallic resources are mostly genetically linked to the hydroothermal evolution of the various low-grade metamorphic volcano sedimentary belts belonging  to the Upper Proterozoic (900-500- Ma) Arab-Nubian shield terrms -a potentid penstone hlt. ' Aocording to the rqmtition of these belts, regional distribution of metallic mineral resources shows three distinct domains

1. A southern domain, including the meta-volcano-sedimentmy Adola and Kenticha belts The Adola Belt is one of the major Neoprobmzoic shear belts within the Pan- African bgen and this domain hosts major primary gold deposits (e.g. Lega Dembi mine, Megado, Sakcuo), the main Elthiopian gold placer deposits (Adola), the pegmatite-hosted Kenticha tantalum mine and the secondary Mte-dated nickel deppsits of the Adda district, Apemaryarn and h Greenstone Region: The Ageremaryam and the Arero Greenstone regions are located 260 km and 100 km south-west of the town of Kibre Mengist and hosts: ma-Wc and meta-ultrabasic rocks related pyrite-bearing Au; meta-ultramafic rocks related Cr, Ni, Co, I V; and Intermediate -to acid alkaline related rocks Bi Sn, W, Other isolated primary gold deposits in Southern Ethiopia I under rsconnaissance are known in Moyale greenstone regions 200 krn southwar& close to the Moyale town and the - Kenya border (e.g. Haramsam, Hasante). The Haramsam and IIaamte area is located 50 km east of the town of Moyde. The rocks in the area are, meta-grmodiorite, amphibolites, gabbro-amphibolite, gabro, and amphibolites schist. The Haramsam and Hasamte are considered potential mas for goid.

2. A wide wmtem domain, following the Sudanese border; this domain can be subdivided into four belts, hosting primary gold deposits (e.g. Dul, Oda-Godere); the Yubdo platinum deposit md Meti-Tuludimtu platinum occurrences; the iron deposits of Bilikai, Chago, Gadma, and base metals

prospects of volcanogenic-volcano sedimentary type (Abetselo, Kator), The predominant lithologies of the western Greenstone belt are chlorite, sericite and graphitic schists, phyuites, quartzites, and h i t i c to rhyolitic volcanic, ironbearingquartzites and congIomerates are also present, The Akobo greenstone regions are potential areas for pIatinum, gold, copper and nickel. The area is underlained by mafic schist, meta-dtramafic rocks, metassdimentary schists and undifkrentiated schist and gneiss.

3. A northern domain (Tigray) extending northwards in Eritrea, composed of several meta-volcano sedimentary belts and sub-belts, bounded by mafic-dEramelfic rocks, hosting gold and base-metal occurrences (e.g., Adi Zeresenay, Au; Werri, cu; and Mariam Adi Destra, lead-zinc). Significant metallic mineral sites located outside of these domains are scarce; they include the Melka Arba iron deposit ;&. (basic intrusion-related), the Chercher copper occurrence (Red Bed type in Mesozoic sandstones) and the Enkafala manganese deposit (Plio-Pleistocene sediments of the Dmakil depression). Therfore, potential investment areas in the m i n d sector are concentrated in the Adola, Ageremaryarn, Arero, Moyale, western Akobo and Tigray greenstone regions and are considered as the best locations 34 Mined Resources Potential or Ethiopia of metallic mineral deposits (gold, base metals, rare metals, Ni-Cr- Co and others), for potential investors to enjoy such rewarding business opportunities.

Iron Occurrences and Deposits of Ethiopia




Average grade                     




23.3% Magnetic iron,

  41%  Total  Iron                  



 Melka Arba

24.1%Magnetic Iron,

45.6% Total Iron




66.95% Total Iron

250,000 ton




150,000-200,000 ton



High Grde:57 68%Iron,

Low grade:33%Iron

440,000 ton








2,500,000 ton



20,000 ton



Iron Occurrences and Deposit Map

Rare Metals Deposits and Occurrences


Type of Deposit





(Primary ore)



17,000 tonnes 

at a grade of 0.017%Ta2O5





4,700 tonnes

at a grade of 0.015Ta2O5


Rare Metals Deposits and Occurrences Map


Grade & Reserves  of Major Gold Deposits & Occurrences Detailed exploration

Serdo shet and the surroundings localities(ONRS)

2328.3kg with 0.25 -1.8g/m3                                  

Shanka the surrounding localities(ONRS)


Ababido and the surrounding localities. (ONRS)                                      


Akobo basin  (GambellaNRS)




Sirkole Valley(B-G N.R.S)

0.7tonat a grade of 0.42g/m3                                

Degero valley(B-G N.R.S)


Ababa,Babicho,Harodida &Mekanissa drainage (ONRS)

289.6kg,with 0.2-0.4g/m3



49.6kg of Gold



upto-4000 grains of gold


 Gold Deposits & Occurrences  Map



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